When it comes to salt, don’t trust your taste buds.

About 75% of salt in our diets comes from processed foods and even the most discerning taste buds
often won’t be able to taste it. That’s why every day Victorians are consuming almost twice the amount of salt recommended.

Too much salt increases the risk of high blood pressure a leading cause of death and disability in Victoria.

It’s time we got savvy on salt.

Think you know where your salt comes from? Check here.

Simply order the following items from most amount of salt content to least amount of salt content

  • Four Olives
  • Small Popcorn
  • Cornflakes & Milk
  • Fruit Muffin
Is this right?

When it comes to salt, you can’t trust your taste buds

A new survey of over 800 Victorians has shown that most still don’t understand the dangerous levels of salt being consumed, with over two-thirds claiming that they eat less or about the right amount of salt, but many unable to correctly identify high salt foods.

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Think sugar and salt – the other hidden additive parents should know about

While our focus has been on sugar, there’s another white additive as parents we unfortunately can’t afford to ignore. Salt.

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Is your breakfast giving you high blood pressure?

Breakfast is widely described as the most important meal of the day – an energy kick for the stressful or busy day ahead. But it could also be putting you at risk of high blood pressure even before you set foot in the office!

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The great salt untruths

There are many myths or misconceptions about salt that have developed over the generations.

These truths will help you sort out the fact from fiction.


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